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Top Kitchen Styles With Cabinets

“Top Kitchen Styles With Cabinets”

Knowing which style appeals to you can be extremely helpful when planning a kitchen redesign. Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional are the most popular kitchen design styles in today’s kitchens, according to the design industry. Read on to learn everything you need to know about 10 popular kitchen styles, including color palettes and crucial features. Open concept houses, which revolve on the kitchen and allow everyone to be together, are becoming increasingly popular. Clean and simple styles have been popular among homeowners, as has any modern design trend, with natural light being an important component of the overall aesthetic and function of the kitchen space. The following is a list of kitchen styles and the design aspects that define them:

  • Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are still among the most popular kitchen styles, despite the rise of contemporary and farmhouse designs. Their simple color choice and grandiose design strategy make a lovely place that will undoubtedly be in style for a long time. Classic features seen in Old World European and American colonial era décor are featured in traditional-style kitchen interiors. Raised panel designs like Cathedral Arch and Curved “Eyebrow” Arch are popular cabinet door patterns. The following are examples of traditional kitchen interior design styles:

-Colonial American 

-French Country 

-English Country 



  • Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are the ideal of a clean, uncluttered design. This style is functional and sometimes creative in character, with dark wood or black cabinetry, fresh white surfaces, and sleek stainless steel appliances. Dark kitchen cabinets exude a level of elegance and a deep, sumptuous ambience that the other options lack. They give the kitchen a subdued dramatic feel. Slab front cabinets (solid doors with no inset panel or frame) and Shaker-style cabinets are popular cabinet door styles in contemporary kitchens. Cabinets with bar pulls are sometimes utilized as a simple ornamental feature.

  • Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens combine features of both contemporary and classic styles, making them an ideal choice for anybody looking to strike a balance between the old and the new. Cabinetry is typically Shaker or Mission-style, with clean, simple lines that can be accented with traditional crown molding. Who says being straightforward is a bad thing? A simple, neutral color palette might actually work wonders in your transitional kitchen. The following are examples of transitional design styles that combine modern and vintage elements:



-Shabby Chic 

-Arts and Crafts

Now that you’re well-rounded with the top kitchen styles and which cabinets suit them, it is now time for the most important part. Your material supply and a dependable installer will be the most important considerations here. It’s a good thing Home Depot has increased its cabinetry services because all you actually need is the right cabinet hardware. For years, we’ve been providing the highest quality cabinets at the most reasonable prices. Arizona residents trust us because of our meticulous attention to detail. We will handle everything for you, from the on-site quote to cabinet assembly. So, if you’re looking to replace your kitchen cabinetry, give Home Improvement Depot, Arizona’s premier cabinet provider, a call and obtain a free on-site quote.

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Reasons to Order Cabinet Samples

Reasons to Order Cabinet Samples

Deciding on the ideal cabinets for your kitchen can be difficult, especially when there are so many alternatives. This is a difficult decision that every homeowner must make. You will find a few kitchen cabinets that you like after looking through all of the numerous styles, hardware options, finishes, colors, and more, but you may never feel secure in making a final purchase. Seeing product examples in your area, especially when it comes to cabinet samples, is a great way to bring your ideas to life. Here are a few reasons why ordering cabinet samples is crucial.

  • To Decide On Your Style

The cabinet style you choose for your remodel is critical to the success of your project. Your project’s direction will be guided by this style. Because cabinet doors are one of the most apparent design aspects in your kitchen, choosing the right door style is crucial. Choosing a door profile is a terrific method to cut down your cabinet door options. You can determine whether a style is perfect for you by ordering cabinet samples.

  • To Plan For Your Lighting 

Another significant reason to buy cabinet samples is for your space’s lighting. When choosing a finish, consider how the light will affect the color. We recommend that you look at your cabinet samples in the same lighting that you’ll find in your refurbished space. Accent lighting is commonly used in glass-front cabinets to illuminate ornamental glassware and fine china. The internal illumination is typically employed to reach areas where the contents of the cabinet need to be illuminated.

  • To Set The Mood

Room color psychology is an important element of your daily life, altering your moods and energy levels simply by choosing the right wall color. The colors you choose for your home’s interiors are also a reflection of your personality. You should also think about how the colors you intend to choose will affect your attitude. Think about how the color of your cabinets will affect the mood of your kitchen. Every time you walk into your kitchen, ask yourself how you want to feel. Ordering samples is a great approach to get a sense of the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

  • To Blend Your Interior and Home Design

Because they can’t afford a comprehensive overhaul right now, some people must make moving between styles work. Others have asked the same issue when a favorite piece of furniture doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of the room and they’re stumped on how to include it. Obtaining cabinet samples allows you to view the entire image of your kitchen. You may make sure that your chosen finish matches the rest of the room’s elements, such as the flooring, hardware, backsplash, and worktops. When you look at all of your samples together, you can see if they complement each other or if there is too much contrast.

Cabinet samples are indeed a great help in your kitchen remodel or even just a simple cabinet addition. Home Improvement Depot has stepped up its cabinetry services, knowing that you just want the right hardware for your cabinets. We have been offering the best quality cabinets at the most affordable prices for years. Our meticulous attention to detail has won us the confidence of Arizona residents. From the on-site quote to the cabinet assembly, we will take care of it for you. So, if you want to update your kitchen cabinetry, call Home Improvement Depot, Arizona’s best cabinet provider, today.

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Designing Your Cabinets and Ceiling Meet-Up

Designing Your Cabinets and Ceiling Meet-Up

Does that small space between your cabinets and ceiling bothering you for a while now? Have you been thinking of what trick you should use for that dusty void between the tops of your worn-out cabinets and the ceiling? When designing a new kitchen or major remodel, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether to run upper wall cabinetry all the way to the ceiling or to leave a gap above them. But after some time of having it, your dingy kitchen has a boxy bulkhead that runs from cabinet tops to the ceiling may lead you to a quick remodelling. We’re here to help you out. Consider these kitchen soffit redesign ideas if you’re contemplating a restoration that includes new cabinets.

  • Taller cabinets

Consider these kitchen soffit redesign ideas if you’re contemplating a restoration that includes new cabinets. Install crown molding and taller cabinets that reach the ceiling. If your ceiling is high, there will be an empty area between the short cabinet top and the ceiling. If your kitchen cabinet is too small, you will be wasting room. Taller wall cabinets with molding give the transitional design style a much more polished and elegant look. 

  • Crown Molding & Lighting

Crown molding is still a good solution to fill the gap between the cabinet and the ceiling. If your kitchen has high ceilings, tall cabinets that make it tough to access upper shelves may be a bad idea. Lighting below the crown molding, which can be as simple as placing a string of soft accent lights, is another creative addition.

  • Display Shelves

To exhibit decor or seasonal serving dishes/platters, install floating shelves above the wall cabinets. Open or glass-fronted shelves are available. A mini bar can be created by placing a shelf at the appropriate height. While the top of a short bookshelf makes an excellent bar surface, don’t be limited. Look for a shelf that makes it simple to pour and mix drinks.

In remodelling any type of kitchen, your personal preference is still your top priority. Let those spaces compliment your kitchen’s all over theme. For your cabinet needs, trust the best cabinet installer in Arizona. Home Improvement Depot has improved its cabinetry services, recognizing that you just want the correct kind of cabinet for your kitchen pals. For years, we’ve been providing the highest-quality cabinets at the most economical pricing. Residents of Arizona trust us because of our thorough attention to detail. We will handle everything for you, from the on-site quote through the cabinet assembly.

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What Goes Well With The Right White

What Goes Well With The Right White

(Things To Remember In Having White Kitchen Cabinets)

Cabinets are such an important element of a kitchen, it’s crucial to have ones that you like in terms of style and color. Cabinet colors serve a variety of functions, including reflecting light and tying the area together. They also create a friendly atmosphere, which is an important characteristic to consider when selling your home. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets old white for a versatile color that goes with many different types. You can use a variety of colors, from bold to subtle, and even kitchen cabinet color schemes. The alternatives are unlimited, but we’ll concentrate on a single, simplistic tone that everyone seems to enjoy: whites. What is the right white for your home, and how would you choose? LIsted below are the things ou need to remember while deciding to the right whites for your kitchen cabinets.

  • Glaze and Distress Them First 
  • Glazing

Glazing and distressing are two other strategies for giving your cabinets an antique appearance. Glazing is the application of color to a painted piece of furniture in order to give it character, dimension, and to bring out the piece’s intricacies. To glaze your cabinets, make or choose a glaze combination and apply it with a paintbrush or foam brush to your cabinets. You’ll have to continue this process until you achieve the desired look, which could take some time.

  • Distressing

Distressing is the process of removing paint or stain to reveal wood or a layer of paint or stain to give the work character, dimension, or to bring out details. Distressed cabinets can assist you segue between different designs and colors, such as traditional and modern, or dark and light finishes.

  • Know which colors go well with your white

Because there are so many color variations, granite worktops are still a popular choice for pairing with antique white cabinets. Because granite comes in such a wide range of colors, your kitchen can have a variety of appearances. Natural tones mixed with black or darker colors create a lovely contrast to the classic antique white. Solid smooth wood-tone counters, on the other hand, bring out the warmth of antique white cabinets that could otherwise be lost in the understated elegance of the cabinetry.

  • Choose a good contrasting color

When you want your white kitchen cabinets to stand out, consider a dark floor finish that contrasts with them. Darker oak floors or tiles complement the white cabinetry and give it a more traditional aspect. The addition of complementing ceiling beams creates a coherent, put-together environment that lets the antique white cabinetry shine.

Home Improvement Depot has every type of cabinet you could want for your kitchen, and all of them are of the best quality. We have  stepped up our cabinetry services, knowing that you just want the right hardware for your cabinets. Home Improvement Depot has been offering the best quality cabinets at the most affordable prices for years. Our meticulous attention to detail has won us the confidence of Arizona residents. From the on-site quote to the cabinet assembly, we will take care of it for you. So, if you want to update your kitchen cabinetry, call Home Improvement Depot, Arizona’s best cabinet provider, today.